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Robe heads north for PLASA Focus Glasgow 2018

Robe heads north for PLASA Focus Glasgow 2018

Robe is excited to once again attend the premium annual entertainment lighting event in Scotland as it is such a great show with lots of enthusiastic delegates.

Robe will be bringing many exciting fixtures to our C9 stand (the one near the bar 😉) including the stunning MegaPointe®, Spiider®, DL4S Profile™ and LEDBeam 150™

Introducing the MegaPointe®

Defining current standards and expectations within the field of moving head fixtures, the new MegaPointe really packs a punch producing strong, fat beams and much more.

Powered by an exclusive 470W short-arc Lightsource generating extremely bright beams, combined with rapid movement, silky smooth CMY colour mixing and multiple gobo effects make the MegaPointe an extremely versatile fixture!

Featuring a 1.8 to 21 degree zoom in Beam mode, very tight beams are created which look almost solid when using high quality haze and changing to a 3-42 degree beam for the spot mode.
Don’t think that all this power comes at the price of heavy rigging weight too as the MegaPointe was designed with Robe’s “smaller-brighter-lighter” philosophy and so weighs only 22Kgs (48.5lbs), making it a featherweight compared to other fixtures.

Showcasing the Spiider®

An extremely bright LED wash beam, utilising 18x30 watt and 1x60 watt LEDs gives great beam throws, even for the largest events. This coupled with the 12.5:1 zoom ratio, super tight 4 degree beam to super wide 50 degree wash beam and variable speed movement makes this fixture very adaptable for any gig.

See the DL4S Profile™

Velvety smooth colour mixing, fading and dimming are the DL4S Profiles specialities. Courtesy of a RGBW LED engine, the multiple shadows that plague other LED source fixtures have been eliminated for the whole Robe DL luminaire range.

The superior light engine also generates both rich and pastel colours at light output levels previously associated with 1,200W discharge lamps as well as pure whites at preselected 2700K, 3200K, 4200K, 5600K and 8000K colour temperatures. The special tungsten emulation functionality allows the fixture to be seamlessly integrated into lighting designs using traditional luminaires.

Experience the LEDBeam 150™

Fast sweeping beams with a spectacular zoom function perfectly describes the LEDBeam 150, all within a compact housing. Attractive colourful chases and smooth transitions are powered by a cluster of high power 30W RGBW multichip LEDs. The zoom uses a custom-designed optical system and an optimized motorised control produces speedy pan and tilt movement.

The fixture has intense strobing capabilities, smooth 18-bit dimming, including tungsten lamp effects, straightforward control via pre-programmed colours on a virtual colour wheel and the various strobing and pulsing effects enable quick and easy programming.

Come and see us at stand C9 and ask our team to demo the fixtures for you to show off their stunning capabilities.

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